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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


There is a concerted effort on the part of the federal government and the Texas health authorities to cover-up, conceal, and lie to the American public that the Ebola crisis is under control and there is no need for concern.


Today, a second nurse, 29-year-old Amber Vinson was diagnosed with Ebola. She had treated the first Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan, who later died. Incredibly, Vinson made a round trip flight to Cleveland to plan her wedding just days before she was diagnosed with Ebola. According to late reports today, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC) approved her travel. Regardless, Vinson should have known better to travel anywhere! How the CDC allowed this to occur is beyond belief, and has yet to be explained by CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell. What we did learn today in a radio broadcast is that Frieden and Burwell are acting foolishly and threaten public health. Moreover, President Obama's response to this crisis is beyond negligent.


Yesterday, in a video conference, Frieden announced new measures to address what happened in Dallas. These new "protocols" are clearly a response to the grievous errors that have occurred in the treatment of Duncan. Frieden announced a new CDC rapid response team to be deployed to hospitals in the event that an Ebola patient presents. "I wish we had put a team like this on the ground." Frieden said, refering to the Duncan case. In the same press conference Frieden added, "The single infection of a health care worker is unacceptable." Well, Dr. Frieden, you now have two Ebola patients on your infected hands, and the possibility that some passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight have been exposed to Ebola with the attendant risk of those passengers passing the virus to people in the Dallas and Cleveland area.


Likewise, President Obola yesterday made a futile attempt to dampen public health fears for the incompetence shown by his administration to Ebola in Dallas. He said, "We will make sure all the lessons learned from Dallas are then applied to all the hospitals and health centers around the country." President Obala is reckless in not restricting travel from West Africa to the United States. Are we to believe that the failure of Frieden and Burwell to properly prepare the country for Ebola should give us confidence that the Obola administration can control what appears to be a serious risk of further infection coming from West Africa?


A call is echoing across the land for a ban on flights from West Africa. Dr. Frieden, whose head is stuck in the West Africa landscape, states that stopping West Africans from coming to the USA would limit America's response to the disease in Africa. What utter nonsense! Air France and British Airways have already stopped flights from West Africa. Instead of stopping flights, the Obola Administration offers to the American public that the skin temperatures of people coming from West Africa will be monitored at five US airports. To think that minimally trained airport screeners will be able to identify carriers of Ebola but are not symtomatic is, as General McAuliffe said in response to a Gernan demand for surrender of US forces at the Battle of the Bulge, just "Nuts." Clearly, Frieden is merely an Obola bureaucrat who is responding to orders via White House thirty-somethings from Obola to broadcast White House talking points to the public. What we have learned in the last few days is that the CDC, the White House, and Texas health authorities have been lying to the public as to what has taken place at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital about the absolute lack of any safeguards to protect the workers, patients, and the general public. One particularly disturbing fact that Frieden and others have sought to cover-up is the impression that Dallas health care workers were using the full HAZMAT suits of the type used in Africa. What we now know is that no protective suits were used by the nurses during Duncan's admittance to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.


The CDC claims there was a "breach of protocol" at Texas Health Presbyterian that caused the first nurse to contract Ebola. THERE WERE NO PROTOCOLS! The Executive Director of the National Nurses United union claims of consistently changing guidelines, resulting in no protocols in effect to treat Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian. Her claims that there were no methodologies to treat a patient are horrific, such as the initial refusal of hospital administrators to isolate Duncan, failure to isolate Duncan from other patients, failure to provide nurses with adequate protective covering prior to entering Duncan's room, and piles of Ebola infected medical waste. In addition, health workers at Texas Health Presbyterian used a pneumatic tube system for sending samples of infected blood to the laboratory. I know of a major hospital in Las Vegas that absolutely refuses to use such a system for transmitting blood samples to the laboratory for fear of contaminating the whole damn system! Texas Health Presbyterian has not responded to the specific allegations made by the nurses' union. In fact, Texas Health Presbyterian has said virtually nothing about what has happened in the hospital since admitting Duncan. This is unreal. The hospital's silence contributes to the anxiety of hospital staff and Dallas residents that they are being purposely excluded from knowledge to the threat to their health. So, the cover-up in Dallas is well established and the people of Dallas and Cleveland are rightly scared to death because the public health authorities are doing nothing to alleviate those fears. The bungling by the CDC to this crisis is so outrageous as to be laughable as Frieden and his staff act out a Three Stooges skit in their response to this crisis.


The country's administrator of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Francis Collins, has been utterly silent on the Ebola crisis. It is probable he is fishing on Chesapeake Bay where the virus and news reports can not reach him. What we have received from NIH is comments from his flunky, Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of Infectious Diseases at NIH -- who is absolutely clueless about what has taken place in Dallas -- to speak for NIH. However, Fauci does not offer anything of what NIH has to say about measures to contain the virus but offers instead what the CDC is supposedly doing! Fauci has offered nothing to inspire confidence of his stewardship of the infectious disease unit at NIH.


The menace to public health is clearly evident in the capability of the country to handle Ebola patients. There are 10 certified Ebola beds distributed in Bethesda, MD, Atlanta, GA, Omaha, NE, and Missoula, MT available for treatment. Why the obscure western city of Missoula? Montana is a long way from where we have been told that Ebola will enter the country on the East Coast. Moreover, none of the aforementioned centers include first class medical facilities such as John Hopkins in Baltimore, Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles or the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I wonder why?


On CNN this morning, correspondent Elizabeth Cohen claimed that it was "unfortunate" that a second Ebola patient has caused President Obala to cancel a campaign trip to New Jersey and Connecticut and that the Ebola crisis will affect midterm elections. What! Cohen is an ass and so clearly biased in favor of the president that she should be ashamed. Wolf Blitzer just listened to Cohen without challenging her prejudice. Of course, this is good that Ebola may effect midterm elections. This is how a democracy works when the people loose faith in their governmnt. The loss in confidence was revealed in the ABC News/Washington Post poll released today that 65 percent of the American public believes the government is not doing enough to manage the Ebola crisis. A particularly dim bulb on the cable news service, MSNBC, is Alex Wagner, whose questions to guests are so overloaded with the words "you know" that her guests are "guided" to the answer she wants to hear. Why does MSNBC give this woman an hour of air time to present her biased viewpoint that conforms to the Obola Administration talking points? Similarly, we have seen a parade of physicians on cable news channels claim that there is nothing to worry about. The lone common sense voice in this fold is Dr. Sanjay Gupta who is stunned at the incompetence of the government handling of Ebola in Dallas.


In closing, if I get one more request to keep someone in my "thoughts and prayers" or that my heart should go out to this latest victim of Ebola or something or another, I am going to scream. If I gave consideration to the ten million requests for thoughts and prayers I have been asked to give by journalists and others, I would have no time left from calling on a higher power to eat or sleep. The phrase is so over used by the multitude of third rate journalists that populate the airways as to become mere pabulum. It is a meaningless apostrophe to a journalist's news report or a briefing by a public official. It is expression of a religious preference that this is how the viewer should react. Today, White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, in a passing comment, and later by President Obola offered the same lame condolence to the nurses infected with Ebola. To President Obala, Josh Earnest, news reporters, and others, I say, Will you please just SHUT UP! I do not hold to your religious preferences, so stop shoving your expressions of pithy sympathy down my throat.


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